Chance’s Coloring Book Wins Big On Grammy Night

As you know, award season is coming to an end with the Academy Awards airing last night on ABC. With that being said, music awards are some of my favorite to watch because of my great interest in the musical trends going on day in and day out. Only a few weeks ago, the Grammy Awards were on and boy did one new artist make a big splash: Chance the Rapper.

For those of you that don’t know, Chance the Rapper is the hottest rapper in the game right now and the Grammy Awards surely agreed with 3 gold statues to show for it. Chance’s album Coloring Book is his third mixtape and a groundbreaking body of work for the Grammy platform. Chance’s album made history by becoming the first independently released album to garner a nomination. This album also is the first nominated album to be available completely free online. Free music is something fairly new in main stream music and Chance utilizes music online to tap into a fan base that is very loyal and receptive of his free music. This is truly ground breaking stuff for the young Chicago native. The Coloring Book album was nominated for best rap album as well as nominated for the mix-tapes single “No Problem” and a Best New Artist nomination. Chance’s album earned him wins for Best Rap Album, Best New Artist, and Best Rap Preformance.

In my opinion, Chance’s album was the best musical body of work produced in the year 2016 and I am thrilled that he was rewarded so deservingly for it. I mean this is way more than a rap album. This is a soul album, a gospel album, and a hip hop album. It has influences all over todays musical landscape and has the lyrics to contend with any other artists writing music today. This song is a home-run from a great new artist that is going to change rap for ever. Check out Chance’s full Coloring Book album right here.

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