LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Ah the age old question that has been asked to ever graduating senior, “what are you going to do the rest of your life?”. This also happens to be a question that I have not been able to give a definite answer to until very recently. These past few weeks in my Digital Marketing 327 class, we have been discussing the importance of social media which led to the discussion of LinkedIn and its relevancy to job searching.

My LinkedIn up until last week has been awful, no wonder I have no clue what I want to do. I did not fully understand how important LinkedIn can be and how useful it is for a graduating student looking for their first job.

I would like to offer up my marketing strategy for marketing myself to potential employers on LinkedIn:

1.) Most Important Things First- I am looking to work in the marketing or sales world. The first aspect to marketing myself is putting my strengths first. My greatest strengths to someone in marketing or sales is my degree from Siena, my sales experience, and my leadership qualities from baseball. That is why I have put my Sales job at Fossil as my headline as well as the fact that I attend Siena. I also put the fact that I play baseball and am the team captain in the first sentences of my profiles “about me” section to show good leadership skills.

2.)Strong Professional Summary- The next biggest part for marketing myself through LinkedIn is my professional summary. This is the part of my profile that will immediately follow someone clicking on my profile. If I can interest them through my experience with Fossil and my affiliation as a Siena student. I made sure that in my proffesional summary I mentioned my major, my skill set, my experience, my aspirations, and my extracurricular groups that I am a part of (SAAC and Alpha Kappa Alpha). Hopeful this paints a positive image of who I am as a potential employee of a company.

3.)Skill Set- The last part to marketing myself lies in my skill set section of my profile. If my professional summary is able to hook a potential employer, then my skill set hopefully can be the icing on the cake. I put all of the certifications that I hold including SPSS and Qualtrics. I also added my fluency in Microsoft Suites and leadership skill to drive home that I am a good candidate for any marketing and sales jobs.

Hopefully through these three sections on my LinkedIn profile, I can hook employers in when they read my profile and intrigue them enough to message me and set up an interview about an open position in their company.

Thanks for reading, click here for a link to my LinkedIn account.

Keep rocking in the free world!